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Environmental Equipment & Services, Inc., an authorized TYMCO® Regenerative Air Sweeper®dealer, is a company that is committed to providing the kind of product support that customers long for. The owners and employees of Environmental Equipment & Services, Inc. share the same values of honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Founded in 1998.

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  • Knowledgeable Sales People that know the equipment from an owner/operator’s point of view..

  • Parts, Service, and Maintenance that is timely, efficient, and committed to excellence!

  • Honorable Dealing on equipment purchases.

  • Respect For Your Time – When you call, we respond!


TYMCO provides powerful and efficient solutions for street sweeping, parking lot sweeping and airport sweeping applications. All of the models improve the appearance of these surfaces and have a positive impact on the environment. TYMCO street sweepers and parking lot sweepers are powerful and easily maneuverable. All of the models have changed the sweeping industry and will deliver incredible results on even the toughest applications. From the maneuverable Model 210 to the newest sweeper, the Model 500x, the TYMCO family of sweepers can provide you with the durable sweeping solution you need. Throughout the design process, TYMCO engineers are driven to do more with less. In the beginning, doing more with less was purely to satisfy their desire to keep things as simple as possible, but today that process also leads to a smaller environmental footprint. The designs also help to optimize the useful life of the sweepers, minimize the use of water for dust control, and reduce fuel consumption. Visit TYMCO’S website for more product information and used sweeper listings

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    See What Customers Have to Say…

    “Having done business with Environmental Equipment & Services, Inc for the past 20+ years, I can testify to their excellent customer service. Al and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and give prompt attention to my inquiries. Environmental Equipment & Services, Inc. truly practice their values of honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence and are top-notch in my book.”

    Bruce Christianson
    Operations Manager
    Prosweep Inc., Wahpeton, ND

    “In 1993 the City of Andover considered a number of different street sweepers and decided to buy a Tymco 600. 20+ years later that original Tymco is no longer here but we are still running the Tymco brand. In fact, we now have (2) Tymco 600’s in our fleet and they are used almost every day. The Tymco Brand and the staff at Environmental Equipment are just two of the reasons why we continue to buy and use them!”

    John A. Wallace
    Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor
    City of Andover, MN

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